Laughing Samurai + Say It Loud

Bolder. Smarter. Louder.

New People. New Thinking. New Awesomeness.

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The New Say It Loud!

Laughing Samurai and Say It Loud are thrilled to announce that we are combining forces and all of the great things that each one of us brings to the party. It’s something we’ve been working on–and together–for over a year now and we feel it’s time to let everyone know.

So stay tuned, because we are moving fast forward and taking our clients and their brands with us.

Keep me updated!
Creative. Agency.
  • Full service and all that it implies.
  • Small. As in small is the new big. We like it that way and you will too.
  • A place where passion counts. Common sense counts, too.
We work hard every day
  • To make our clients happy - and successful.
  • Whatever it takes.
  • Experience Matters.
  • No "how we work" charts.
  • We're good at what we do.
  • We're nice.
Creative Activists
  • Advertising and design fanatics. Students of the business.
    It changes constantly.
  • No dog. No pony.
  • A committed and inspired group of people lead by core senior staff who work on every account, every day. Not just on pitch day or on RFP Day - EVERY DAY.
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