Google – Moto X Launch
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Google – Moto X Launch

Google owned Motorola and they were launching the Moto X phone. The challenge was to show off the Moto X phone’s customizable aspects, in ways that had “never been done.” It was a tall order but the team delivered. The first video is of an “interactive” print ad that allowed you to change the color of the Moto X image, with the touch of a finger. It utilized conductive ink and LED lights to achieve this effect. The ad appeared in the print issue of WIRED delivered to Chicago and New York subscribers. That’s roughly 137,000 people and where the paid media ended, earned media began. Buzz and pass-along led to 72 million social impressions, including over 1 million views of the video originally intended to just show readers how the ad worked. That’s 84 times WIRED’s total circulation! This print ad was a One Show Bronze Pencil Winner and it was shortlisted at Cannes plus the Clios.

The second video is of what was named “MotoMatch.” Through kiosks, interactive walls and bus shelters, the public was invited to configure their Moto X phone simply by taking a selfie. The interactive activations would take the selfie and generate a phone to match. We put it everywhere, from music festivals to NYC Fashion Week to a hub Facebook. MotoMatch transformed how people personalize their phone as a reflection of their own style.

*This work is from the portfolio of SIL Creative Director Brandy Gill

Digital Advertising, Out-of-Home, Print, Social