Orlando City Soccer Club – Lions Never Hunt Alone Campaign
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Orlando City Soccer Club – Lions Never Hunt Alone Campaign

From the moment the players emerged from the Citrus Bowl for their first match to 65,000 screaming fans, two forces – the players and the fans, became one. “Get Wild” was a fan-centric campaign aimed to galvanize the OCSC community of supporters, build excitement and generate buzz. But now that Orlando City had built the most loyal fanbase in the MLS and a growing team of established veterans and rising stars, we wanted to show the next progression in the OCSC legacy and reflect the unity, strength, and confidence that came from the incredible fan interaction – aka “the hunt”. 

Lions Never Hunt Alone was built on the ideal that every fan was a part of the hunt. Whether they were screaming their heads off at the stadium or spilling drinks in excitement watching at home or in a bar, they were lions too. We built a campaign and visceral imagery evocative of the gameday experience and reciprocal energy shared by the players and the fans, resulting in concepts for player posters, bus wraps, downtown banners, stadium graphics, projections, and a campaign mantra that eventually became the team motto for two seasons.

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