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Where We’ve Been

We launched Say It Loud! in 2003 in the heart of the Mills 50 district of Orlando. It’s a vibrant neighborhood of artists, creatives, small business owners, foodies, and bar rats that suits our style just right. In our 20 years, we’ve been lucky to work with some outstanding clients (many still with us), build a great body of award-winning work, and experience enough bumps and bruises along the way to keep us humble and hungry.

Almost everything about the marketing and media landscape looks different than 2003, and we do too. But our values and work ethic are the same:

  • Dive deep into our clients’ business

  • Find out what makes their audience tick

  • Deliver breakthrough work that gets results

  • Prioritize client relationships and make them last

Experience matters. Work matters more. Take a look around and see what SIL is all about.

How We Work

We take our work seriously, ourselves less so, and we’re at our best when we’re busting it. The conversation at hand, though, isn’t about how we work, it’s about how you work and how we can give you strategy, creative, and results that make you forget about all the times you had to compromise. We do whatever it takes.

We don’t save the big ideas for clients with big budgets or big names, you get the best of us all the time. Our senior staff works with you every step of the way, not just on pitch day – every day.

Who We Are

We’re a mix of talented advertisers and marketing pros on the creative and client side. Our strength is in our experience, our skills, and our work. We’re musicians and illustrators and writers and thinkers and strategists and do-ers. We love tequila. A few of us have tattoos. Only one of us drinks decaf.

We’re not a design shop or a production house, we’re a full-service creative agency and all that it implies. We take on accounts big and small, B2C or B2B, local or global. The only prerequisite we ask is that you bring the same commitment to making an impact with your brand and achieving great results as we do. 

Julio Lima
Julio Lima
President / Creative Director
Troy Branson
VP, Account Services
Brandy Gill
Creative Director
Dante Lima
Senior Copywriter / Social Media Manager
Alex Palmer
Art Director
Korri Lacalamita
Art Director
Lili Rodriguez
Junior Art Director
Dolores Mazzola

Our Work

Branding, Digital Advertising, Out-of-Home, Photography, Print, Social, Videography, Web Design

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