Zaza New Cuban Diner – Brand Launch
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Zaza New Cuban Diner – Brand Launch

Case Study

Zaza was your classic greasy-spoon, hole-in-the wall neighborhood eatery with the kind of “charm” only die-hards could love. But they had big aspirations and best of all KILLER food and coffee. We knew Zaza wanted to go from a mom-and-pop shop to a franchise-able concept, so we created a brand that could speak to their family-owned Cuban heritage, not scare off the gringos, and scale easily over time.

We remade the Zaza logo, built them a website and mobile app, ran their social media, designed in-store looks for prospective locations, created employee uniforms, hats, and shirts, revamped menus, catering trucks, and coffee mugs. Hell, we even branded their tip jars. Our ‘Buenos Everything’ (It’s All Good) approach helped Zaza open three new restaurants and gain a foothold as a staple in the Orlando food scene.

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