#SQUADGOALS: SIL’s Professional and Personal Outlook on 2020
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#SQUADGOALS: SIL’s Professional and Personal Outlook on 2020

#SQUADGOALS: SIL’s Professional and Personal Outlook on 2020

Instead of making resolutions we know we’re not going to keep (sorry, we’re not giving up chocolate), we decided to ask ourselves what our professional and personal goals are for 2020. Thinking about our answers gave us a chance to see what we want to change or improve in our lives both in-and-out of Say It Loud! While we strive to push ourselves to be the very best to ourselves and our clients, we hope these answers can give you some inspiration for 2020, too.

1. What is a professional/career goal you hope to achieve in 2020?

“My professional goal is always to stay on top of our creative solutions game to produce fresh relevant work and results for our clients.” – Julio Lima, Founder/Creative Director

“Keep learning and gaining experience, especially in my role as a producer. Making my team the best it can be.” – Julia Hawkins, Art Director/Producer

“I’m starting a new job, so I want to learn everything I can about my role while also becoming an integral part of the team.” – Annie Rein, Copywriter/Account Coordinator

“Attend more creative and idea-sparking events. Visit museums and attend local art shows and professional/creative conferences. Focus on being a student of the industry.” – Cortney Smith, Account Executive

“My goal every year is to learn at least one new skill/program. This year I would also like to try to attend more classes, seminars, conventions, or industry events. I’d like to be a little more involved in the design community in Orlando.” – Alex Chiles, Art Director

“My goal for the year is proactivity, both on the creative and client side of my job. I want to generate more ideas and create more opportunities for our clients and the agency.” Dante Lima, Senior Copywriter/Social Media Manager

“To continue to learn, add to my skillset, and grow in my craft.” Dré Greppi, Associate Creative Director

“Continue to grow SIL and create an environment where both clients and employees feel inspired by the work we produce.” – Troy Branson, VP Account Services

2. What is a personal goal you want to meet in 2020?

“Stay healthy. Travel, travel, and more travel. Lower my golf handicap to single digits.” – Julio

“Travel to at least one new place. More weekend trips.” – Julia

“Definitely travel but also make my mental and physical health a priority. I want to make more self-care time to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed.” – Annie

“Better overall health – body and mind. Learn to enjoy cooking and get creative with healthy twists on some of my favorite not-so-healthy dishes and find a yoga schedule that works with my busy lifestyle. I’d also like to mark a few new cities/countries off my to-visit list. Travel acts as a reset button for me, and I plan to make it a priority.” – Cortney

“Commit to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Last year, I took the beginning steps towards minimizing plastic use, cutting down excessive water usage, and being more mindful when making purchases. This year, I would like to get my compost system set up and start my garden. 2020 is the year for mindfulness in all aspects of life – inward and outward.” – Alex

“I want to be less tethered to technology. We’re all slaves to our devices in varying ways, but I’m shooting for a less is more approach to screen time.” – Dante

“Foster new opportunities and channels for my personal creative work.” Dré

“Be better.” – Troy

3. Is there something from 2019 that you want to change or carry into 2020?

“I don’t want to procrastinate as much as I have in the past. I need to simplify my life when it comes to collecting unnecessary “stuff.” I have to clean my office to make it more presentable.” – Julio

“Continue working on my illustration skills. Not focusing on perfection but practicing and getting better.” – Julia

“Last year, especially towards the end, I was a nervous wreck about everything. Now, I see that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Things will work out and just enjoy the journey.” – Annie

“Being intentional. This was one of my resolutions for 2019, and I’d like to continue and get better at it in 2020.” – Cortney

“Maintain a positive and hopeful attitude – especially in situations where I have no control.” – Alex

“As a life-long creative, I did more account management and client relationship work than ever in 2019, and I really enjoyed the work. I’d love to build on that momentum and keep strengthening my relationships with clients and learning that side of the industry.” – Dante

“I’d like to make travel, leisure, and health a bigger priority this year.” Dré

“Stop worrying about the things I can’t change.” – Troy



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