The Difference Between SWAG And “Stuff”
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The Difference Between SWAG And “Stuff”

The Difference Between SWAG And “Stuff”

We love swag. Not only is it fun to wear and collect, it can be an easy way to spread the word abut your brand in a memorable way. At one point swag was a staple in the corporate world, and a “nice-to-have” for smaller companies with limited budgets, but it’s now a relatively affordable way to get yourself out there. Why is swag essential? It can help audiences connect with your brand on a personal level, establish your company culture with new employees, and introduce people to your company who may not have heard of it otherwise.

When creating swag for your company, think of what makes the best use of your brand’s colors, logos – even your core values. For instance, if your brand wants to associate itself with being environmentally friendly, design on-brand reusable water bottles that promote this. Another important consideration is quality. Boxy T-shirts, random knick-knacks, and cheap toys are outdated and irrelevant. Investing in high-quality gear with actual utility (nobody needs another crappy pair of sunglasses) will help create and maintain your brand’s reputation.

Remember, you’re spending money on this! So, when selling swag, giving it to clients, or welcoming new employees, you want it to be things people want to keep, not “stuff” to throw away (and cost you $). This is your chance to make a great impression and build a sophisticated, professional look and have some fun, too. If you’re starting a brand from scratch, it’s a way to move beyond just a logo.

When designing our swag, we knew we wanted to create pieces that would display not only our bullhorn logo, but also our design sensibility. The bullhorn logo makes a powerful statement through our T-shirts, notebooks, and more.

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